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For our debut CD we have chosen some beautiful compositions evoking the linkage between music and movement (`Khoreia` is the Greek name for Dance). Titles include:
* Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach: Sonata for four hands in A major
* Robert Schumann: Ball-Scenen Op.109
* Philip Martin (1947-): `Electric Prisms` (2015, special commission)
* Edvard Grieg: Holberg Suite Op.40  (Four hands piano arrangement by T. Kirchner) 

The CD can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Music Play. A signed copy can be obtained upon reqeuest at:

YouTube movements from R. Schumann, P. Martin, E. Grieg.

Primo: Oda Voltersvik

Secondo: Giulio Potenza

Velut Luna label, released April 2016


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